Founder and Chief Editor
Matt PropperDSC_0421
Matt is a Junior at Cornell University in New York State. His favorite areas of study are International Relations, Political Science, and Labor. He believes that exchanging ideas about global issues with teens of different races and religions is a great educational opportunity. Perhaps by combining the brainpower of diverse teenagers, solutions to world problems can be discussed and meaningful connections can be made.

Arman Khan


Arman is a senior at The Beacon School in New York City. He was born in Sylhet, Bangladesh and came to America when he was two months old. In his life, Arman plans to make a positive difference in impoverished countries. He is learning more about countries all around the world and expanding his knowledge in law, government, and the effects of cultural diffusion. One day, Arman hopes to improve the living conditions of citizens living in third world countries.
Egyptian Correspondent
Andrew MoubarekUntitled
Andrew is a Junior at Binghamton University. He was born in Alexandria, Egypt and moved to the United States in 2009 at age 13. Since he has come to the U.S., his views have changed drastically. Andrew has come to realize that, no matter the age, race, or religion of a person, everybody’s opinion truly does matter. Andrew hopes that the young minds of the world can come together and make the world a more tolerant and righteous place.
Afghani Correspondent
Bismellah Alizada
Bismellah Alizada is a Sophomore at Faculty of Law and Political Science, Kabul University in Kabul, Afghanistan. He was born in 1994 in Ghazni, Afghanistan. His family moved to Kabul in 2004 so their kids could access better educational opportunities. He graduated from Marefat High School, located in Kabul, in 2012. Bismellah is interested in cultural studies and cultural interactions. Such interactions can draw youths closer to develop novel, original and creative thoughts and innovations. I believe young energetic minds with high ambitions from diverse backgrounds can collaborate meaningfully to contribute in materializing the world they desire (and of course deserve) to live in.
Administrator and Director of Graphics
Screenshot 2014-01-22 19.20Christine Le
Christine is a Junior at Hunter College. She is “admin” and “director of graphics” of Global Teen Connections. She joined Global Teen Connections to broaden her perspective of education systems, law, government, and the effects of cultural diffusion. She enjoys reading, blogging, painting, and cooking. Her career goals are to become a pediatric doctor and travel world-wide to provide health care to impoverished countries.
Normal Contributor
Anya ChenUntitled 1
Anya is a Junior at Johns Hopkins University. Her favorite subject in school is English and she enjoys writing. She joined Global Teen Connections to establish connections with other teens in New York and around the world by discussing current events. Her hobbies include reading, photography, singing, and avidly watching Gilmore Girls.
Normal Contributor
Cassandra Agyemangcassandra
Cassandra Agyemang is a Senior attending Georgetown University in Washington D.C. She developed a passion for International Relations and cross cultural communications through her interest in Korean studies, race studies, and immigration. She hopes to bring awareness to issues related to multiculturalism and become an active participant in discussion about cultural awareness.



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