The Importance of Women’s Rights


By Cassandra Agyemang     

The globalization of women’s issues has garnered widespread support for a global society where women fully participate in international affairs. People believe women’s rights are an issue pertinent only to countries where religion is law; however, gender inequality remains an issue for all societies and cultures. Women have limited access to education, political representation and freedom of speech. In some countries, women live without the freedom to make personal choices related to their health and lifestyle. Particularly in extreme patriarchal societies, men treat women as objects of enslavement and disregard the necessity of women in a functioning community. Moreover, violence against women has become an issue at the forefront of U.N. Women’s agenda. Millions of women are battered, raped, or abused by the men in their community; nonetheless, in many cultures, women are revered and held with the utmost respect. Increasingly, people realize that the global community cannot continue communication and ignore the circumstances of many women who live in violence. As seen in the most recent publicized crime against a young lady in India who was brutally raped, women and men in India continue to protest for stronger laws to create a safer environment for women and girls. Despite the creation of the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women, a treaty that highlights the necessities of a state that ensures equal opportunities for women, many countries have not ratified the treaty such as the United States.

As more of these crimes against women become newspaper headlines, women, who are fortunate enough to live in safer communities, need to step forward to represent the voiceless women living under oppression. Without women speaking out about these issues, the global community will not understand the extent of the discrimination against innocent women. Women have basic needs and deserve equal rights just as any man would. Just as women cannot exist without men, men cannot exist without women. As we make steps toward a peaceful cooperative global community, we need women to be involved in political, economic and social discussion in order to find a compromise between the multitude of perspectives that exist today. The globalization of women issues indicates that women have leveraged their leadership opportunities and used their influence to speak out against the constant oppression of women. The activism for women issues will open doors for young women who have lost opportunities to pursue their goals in male dominated fields. As a young woman, I want to pursue my interests in international relations and be given access to the same opportunities as my male counterpart. Women have the capability to lead and empower people to address the issues complicating international relationships and with the right support and position, one woman can create change.

To address all the conflicts related to women issues is a difficult task for the one international organization. I suggest that UN Women create a program specific to each conflict in order to designate individuals who will address the issue directly. These individuals would advocate for issues such as violence against women and workplace policies abroad by working with state organizations that request assistance.  In addition, I recommend for organizations that address women’s issues to implement programs that teach young women and men about the gender gap and young women specifically about their role as females who can advocate for political and social awareness of women’s rights.

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10 responses to “The Importance of Women’s Rights

  1. Many of us hear the phrase, all men are created equal. Well every time I hear that it angers me because women are also part of this world and not all of them have rights. Women are beings on this planet that deserve to be protected or have the right to vote or freedom of speech just like men. Some girls can’t even go to school and get educated so they can grow up to be informed and educated women. We need more great articles like this to remind some women are important too.

  2. Of all the issues in the world, woman’s rights has the best chance of being resolved. I say this because with anything people are protesting or want changed, strength in numbers is absolutely key. The more man power you have (no pun intended) the better the chances are that you will be successful in making the change you want. There are more people that feel strongly about women’s rights the any other issue in the world as it is safe to say that almost every women, and many men feel strongly about it.

  3. I could not agree with this article more, “Just as women cannot exist without men, men cannot exist without women”. These two genders rely on each other to populate the world, and therefore they should coincide in harmony and equality. Our world, however, is manipulative and unfair, so it is of utmost importance that women fight back and stand their ground. No woman should be held back from going the distance and achieving because of their gender. That’s ridiculous. I am in agreement with Ben Singer, because I believe that this issue can be resolved quite easily. What needs to happen is that the people need to document what is going one. The mistreatment of women needs to be plastered across the global headlines. People need to be aware of what is happening right in front of them, so we can put an end to gender inequality.

  4. Comments for Different Points brought up:
    – Just as you should not define someone by their race you shouldn’t define them by their genders. Many people still see women as objects and things whose only purpose in life is to reproduce. While that is true,
    1. That can also be said for men.
    2. That is one of the reasons that they should be seen as more than just things because they allow for great beings to be born.
    – Religion such as the bible have stories that do empower women and show the importance of what it is to be a women in society so countries where religion is law shouldn’t just focus on the parts that oppress them. For example, in the bible, God impregnated Mary with Jesus. Mary was who allowed Jesus to be born and her compassion and love resonates in him as he helps others. She is a woman and without her there wouldn’t be Jesus.
    – As for rape, men should learn to control themselves and listen when a women tell them no because women are people. They have minds and feelings just as men do. They have dreams just like men do. The only difference are body parts and that is for procreation only and the average natural strength but everyone has a weakness and can adapt so… women can still perform the same job.
    – If people believe that all men are born equal when then women are born equal being that men is in the word women.

  5. I believe that women’s rights are entirely essential within the society we live in because it is an undeniable right that all people, no matter what race, ethnicity, gender and so on, deserve equality in every justified manner. Oppression towards women, is rather prevalent in parts of the Middle East because radicalists who idealize male supremacy as opposed to gender equality run the governments and control the populous within these middle eastern countries. Equality is a large part of the western world’s democratic philosophy in the sense that no matter what job you have, what you do, how you are and so on, you will not be scrutinized for those intricacies of your life; that is exactly why the western world is immensely successful and wealthy and many parts of the Middle East such as Iraq and Afghanistan are significantly impoverished. Women’s rights is essential for a sovereignty to survive in today’s complex and intricate world.

  6. In our modernized world, gender inequality should be a diminished concept. However, although women have legally proclaimed their rights decades ago there still lies a wide spectrum dividing the equality of males and females. Throughout history women have been viewed as the weaker link and this stereotype still carries on as they are exposed to inhumane circumstances especially in the Middle East. In our present day world, women equality is essential for progress and advancements within society. As the UN makes it its mission to improve the rights of women in third world countries, human lives are being changed and constantly enhanced. A Utopian society lies in a class system where there is no further inequality between genders.

  7. I also believe “that UN Women [should] create a program specific to each conflict in order to designate individuals who will address the issue directly”, and I think it needs to be talked about more in schools. Unfortunately, many girls and boys aren’t exposed to women’s rights issues and therefore don’t care much about the matter. A double-standard has been set and UN Women should take care of it. On the brighter side, many corporations are more willing to bring females into their field for diversity. Women have many things to offer to the work force and more jobs for women are being created because of this realization.

  8. I strongly believe that gender equality is one of the issues that we can achieve with time and effort. Women have always suffered in history as the men obtained equal rights beforehand and women were pictured as house wives. This lead to many marches which eventually lead to women obtaining full equal rights, however we should not stop until every women has the right to speak up for themselves. Religion and location plays a major role in obtaining rights as in many countries and religions, women are looked down as to “second class citizens”. They believe only husbands have the right to speak to other men and they believe they should speck for their wife. Sadly, this continues to happen and often males abuse the women as they know they will not speak up. I do think that these women being oppressed should speak up and tell the world what they endure, however we must put ourselves in their shoes. They are scared that if their oppressor finds out, they will be abused even more. Its a risk they might want to take, but its consequences are too frightening for them. We must encourage them to speak out and use the media to show that the UN is serious about having women rights globalized.

  9. I completely agree with your statement regarding male dominance and the oppression placed on women, however, i believe tradition and religion plays a key role in why this happens. In Islamic teachings, women have a lower role in society because it is believed that woman came from a man, and men ultimately have better judgement. Over time, this idea was accepted and as seen throughout history, men held a higher role in the social hierarchy. Although a program protecting and informing the women all around on the idea of women rights may be a good idea, it fundamentally does not work that way. In western countries, women have gained a voice over men and fought for their freedoms, but Arabic countries do not allow that. As said in Surat An-Nisa’ [4:34] (Qur’an), women are controlled by men and have to be obedient. Women should be granted rights and power, but it ultimately will not be accepted by the muslim countries since it goes against the word of their holy scripture.

  10. I strongly agree with this article because it is approaching a huge issue on gender inequality for women. I believe that it is important for women to take a stance on their rights, but reaching this goal may be difficult because various women are restricted by their religious beliefs. It’s a disappointment to see women dominated over men, when as stated by the article, “just as women cannot exist without men, men cannot exist without women.” Oppressed women are found everywhere, for example, even today women are still not paid equally as men although they may have the same occupation. This is absurd, because women are as qualified as men to do whatever it is men can do, and sometimes even better . In my opinion, we should not blame men for this distinction between genders, but blame society for the stereotyping both men and women and what roles they should play in society. That’s why it is our job to make a change on how the world views gender inequality and abolish it completely.

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