More on the Egyptian Crisis From Andrew Moubarek


Dear President Obama,

It is my pleasure as an Egyptian-American to write you this letter clarifying the situation in Egypt. It is true that ex-president Morsi was democratically elected, although the actual count of votes was never announced to the public and there were many violations to the law through the elections, but for now we will agree to the fact that he was democratically elected. Through his presidency Egypt has faced many hardships and all time lows in the international market. Many of the Egyptian resources were being sent out to other Arabic countries in the name of Islamic unity. While places like Gaza and Qatar enjoyed the Egyptian resources, the people of Egypt spent countless hours in darkness due to lack of electricity. High school students could not study for the biggest tests of their lives, many hospitals were not able to provide the correct treatments for their patients, many shops lost a lot of their supplies and the limited working hours meant less money in a country where money is everything. Those were some of the financial reasoning why Morsi was overthrown. Other reasons include the fact that the Muslim Brotherhood is a terrorist group who made their hate for Coptic orthodox Christians very obvious through many incidents including bombing churches, slaughtering of Christians in front of their families, destruction of Christian houses, kidnapping of young Christian girls, raping them and forcing them to convert to Islam.

The listed above were just few reasons of why Morsi was overthrown. According to the election committee, the percentage that Morsi won by was 51% of voters, not the whole population just voters. The People who took to the streets on June 30th, 2013 were more than 50% of the population as a whole, which is obviously a much bigger number than the 51% Morsi became president by. All the leaders of different political parties, religions, and communities supported General el sisi in the decision to overthrow President Morsi, so Mr. Barack Obama, it was not a coup, and rather it was the people’s free will to overthrow their oppressive leader. This reminds me of a story about a country named the United States of America. This country, before it became independent, was just a couple of colonies. A guy by the name of George Washington decided that enough was enough and formed his army to go against the oppressive king George. That’s the story we teach little kids in school, to tell them you always fight for what’s right, for what you believe in, and you fight for your freedom. So wouldn’t it not be fair to take those rights away from the Egyptians who are trying to become civilized. Wouldn’t it be unfair to take away rights of another human being just because we do not agree with their actions? Mr. President, Detroit is bankrupt, we’re still in humongous debt to China and other nations, and Israel’s safety was threatened by the Muslim Brotherhood. But there are many more problems in the United States to be taken care off, so once you’re done fixing everything wrong with America, go ahead and worry about other nations.

One more thing, Mr. President, it was not a peaceful demonstration. The brotherhood took the square of Raba’ el adawia and transformed it into a battle ground. They barbed wired all the perimeters of the square and hid many weapons inside their “peaceful protest”. After the Army was able to break up the protest they found over 20 bodies hidden in the square of the protest that were tortured in the most inhumane ways and burnt and buried in a mosque, that mosque was later burnt down to erase the evidence. If a “Muslim” group is ready to burn down their own holy place of worship then it becomes obvious that religion means nothing to them and they’re just terrorists. Over 90 churches were burnt and destroyed; hundreds of people were killed, including army soldiers who were protecting the borders of Egypt. If a group uses religion in vain to their own profit and would be ready to kill people for their personal profits they deserve to be thrown out of power. The Egyptian media has finally stood together as one, and they all provide evidence of gruesome acts of terror preformed by the Muslim brotherhood and their followers.

Thank you.


One response to “More on the Egyptian Crisis From Andrew Moubarek

  1. I agree with your ideas regarding Americas involvement in international relationships, but it can’t be overlooked that the US has intervened in many international disputes and this action is nothing new. President Obama cannot just disregard international problems and only worry about domestic issues. Regarding the religious aspect of the intentions of the muslims, it is said throughout the Qur’an that the fundamental principle of religion is to worship and honor the word of the god, Allah. The purpose of muslim terror is part of a worldwide Jihad, which is a movement to fight off everyone who goes against Allah and his followers. If a group of muslims decide to burn their mosque down for the sake of their god, you cannot make the assumption that they aren’t loyal to their god.

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