The Future of America and China’s Relationship



This coming Friday, President Obama and China’s new president, Xi JinPing, will meet for the first time to discuss the future of their countries’ relationship. The dynamic between China and the United States has historically been tense. From the polar difference in their ideologies to Xi’s predecessors’ support of North Korea, the notion of a future conflict erupting between these world superpowers seems rather likely. However, while meeting Obama’s security advisor Tom Donilon last week in Beijing, Xi expressed his desire to improve and expand the United States and China’s relationship. Xi told Donilon that currently, the United States and China are at a “critical juncture” and that it is time to explore “a new type of great power relationship.” As a leader, Xi has already demonstrated that he is more strategic, open, confident, and willing to candidly discuss China’s issues than his predecessors were. For example, Xi has already convinced Kim Jong-un, leader of North Korea, to resume discussion regarding the expansion of North Korea’s nuclear weapons program. Sound promising?

At Friday’s conference, the leaders will most likely discuss North Korea, the global economy, the East China Sea, South China Sea, as well as the alleged Chinese cyberattacks. Although Obama and Xi are making an effort to work together cooperatively, each leader has their own agenda they will undoubtedly try and adhere to. Obama hopes to establish stronger strategic communications between the two militaries so that they can deal with regional problems in Asia together. He will also most likely attempt to have a legitimate discussion about the growing number of cyberattacks and theft of industrial secrets. The United States has suffered daily computer break-ins, and confidential information including negotiating strategies and plans for next-generation fight jets and gas control pipeline systems have all been stolen. As of June 1st, the United States and China have agreed to hold regular conversations that will set standards of behavior for cyber security and commercial espionage; however, the Chinese government still insists that it is a victim, not a perpetrator of these attacks.

Currently, the only concrete goal Xi and Obama share is that regarding North Korea. It is evident that Xi has less of a sentimental attachment to Korea’s leaders than his predecessors. Previously, the Chinese government didn’t confront North Korea about their nuclear programs, but now, according to The Global Times, China will no longer allow North Korea’s weapons program to affect the stability of Asia. Ultimately, what Xi is expecting out of this “great power relationship” is still relatively unknown. Obviously, as two enormously powerful countries it would be extremely beneficial if the United States and China could work together to improve global issues, but it has been hard to conceptualize and concretize what exactly they plan to accomplish. Hopefully some of these goals will be revealed on Friday, and the notion of China and the United States becoming allies will no longer seem so far fetched.


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12 responses to “The Future of America and China’s Relationship

  1. i think that this is very important that both of these countries leaders are having a meeting with each other. In order for America and China to make headway in their relationship they need to figure out how to solve global economic and nuclear issues together. The positive note, is that both China and the United States both do agree on not letting North Korea pursue its attempts to use nuclear weapons. For China, it is for the stability of Asia, and for the United States, it is for our own safety. And it helps that China and North Korea have had a track of good relationships, which can possibly allow China’s leader to go ahead and negotiate with the leader of North Korea. Even though the United States and China do not have a history of strong relationships, possibly they can both solve the problem in North Korea, and this can help bring both the United States and China closer. This meeting is the beginning of a big step for two countries.

    • I agree this is a big step for these two countries because the united states and china are one of the most powerful countries at the moment. if these two countries work together they would be unstoppable. With what Obama mention about the military groups is important because like you said Robby both countries want to stop North Korea into pursuing nuclear power. But i am pleased to know that china is taking and stand and not letting North Korea affect Asia as a whole.

    • I agree with you Robby. These two presidents are each the face of their country. They represent their country. If the people of China and the U.S. see a good relationship between the two president’s, the people of each country will treat each other with more respect, more friendly which will be great for each country. Also, like Esmeralda said, these two countries are the two powers of the world. They will be unstoppable. It is also a great benefit for the U.S. to have good relations with China concerning North Korea’s nuclear threats. North Korea doesn’t stand a chance against the U.S. by itself but it will benefit even more if the U.S. has a superpower right on North Korea’s tail if they try anything.

  2. Well North Korea to me seems like a stubborn country meaning they wouldnt drop their nuclear power with a peace talk. China didnt even confront North Korea but have a plan to have it not affect Asia. WHAT? That seemed so dumb. China needs to get its act togehter and actually confront them but it wouldnt work North Korea and China need each other but i feel like North Korea is scared of China taking over control. China is a huge country very huge country but trying to get Korea on their side wouldnt work. They cant trust China because they are that a big power such and North Korea isnt putting all of their trust into China to defend them so they make their own little barrier

    • America has always had an issue of nuclear powers with many nations. After the whole Middle Eastern thing that took forever and is finally over, I am really glad that Obama is doing this. This might even stop the Chinese hacking debacle.

  3. This meeting I hope is a symbolic change in the Chinese foreign policy but it is probably not. Currently there are many Chinese and American conflicts which have been left undiscussed due to the large trade reliance each country has one another. This obviously includes cyber-security and the North Korean conflict but if this meeting is going to be successful Obama needs to in some way provide some incentive for the Chinese to cooperate. The Chinese policies Americans want changed benefit China in one way or another and without providing some encouragement for their government to implement changes they will have no reason to want to. I feel as if this meeting may only be taking place because of the hot water North Korea is in now and to take the pressure off of China for being North Koreas only ally. After the North Korean conflict calms down this will be forgotten and like many other conflicts with China, and more feelings will suppressed yet again. One can only hope that this meeting will leed to progress but I doubt it will.

  4. This article is making things sound like we can’t find peace with China no matter what happens

    • That was definitely not my intention, sorry if it’s being interpreted that way. I wasn’t trying to make the possibility of peace between the two countries seem impossible, I was just acknowledging some of the issues the nations will have to solve if they intend on working together in the future. (Both presidents have expressed interest in working together, so hopefully peace with China isn’t far away).

    • I actually disagree. The article in my opinion, is saying how a future alliance between the U.S. and China, although it appeared to be only a dream in the past, is looking more reachable. Although both nations have very different governments and situations, they are both ready to attempt to compromise with each other’s desires in order to improve the well being of both nations.

  5. I think its great that two very powerful leaders are trying to make amends as it’ll help their nations. China and the US have never had such a good alliance so this meeting is a big step. A great aspect of this meeting is that China and the US are both on agree that North Korea cannot have nuclear weapons. If they do, that could endanger our nation and China’s, so both leaders are putting their country first, allowing them to work together. This will help scare off North Korea and their planning of creating nuclear weapons. Since Obama and Xi have now started to work with one and other, this could turn into a powerful friendship.

  6. I agree that this is a very powerful alliance, which should be up-held. Back in history during Nixon’s time when he opened the doors to China, if it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t be here today (I’m adopted from China). Anyways, I agree that as China and the US are the two strongest countries as of now, and China is able to negotiate with North Korea, this relationship will definitely benefit us. I think that in the end, both the US and China will help one another, whether it is now with North Korea, or maybe the US will help China somehow in the future. Also, as a side note, I don’t think that the cyber hacking is a direct source from the government, however, maybe another underground association because from what it looks like, China has no need/want to get into our systems since we are already so close as it is right now.

  7. Although previously a relationship between China and the United States seemed impossible, this article depicted an attempt to create one from both superpowers. The United States and China are the most powerful countries in the world and together they have the potential to solve immense global issues. President Xi’s actions to eliminate nuclear power from North Korea is probably one of the fostering reasons these two countries are meeting. Thus, we shouldn’t get ahead of ourselves and think China and the United States will form a close-knit relationship that will lead to great progress and innovation. Since the United States and China contain a long history of constant battles and disputes, there is no telling of when another disagreement will spark. Also, the competition for being the most powerful country in the world will never hinder. Hence, forming a warm relationship with China might start off well but past evidence suggests that a negative turn of events is inevitable to occur.

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