Anthony Weiner Announces Bid for NYC Mayor: Too Soon?



If you don’t remember, former Congressman Anthony Weiner is that guy who, in 2011, tweeted obscene photos of himself to multiple women. At first he denied having ever sent the photos, claiming that his account had been hacked. However, he eventually admitted to the scandal, apologized, and resigned from Congress. Despite his profound apology, the fact that he attempted to lie his way out of a scandal lost him the trust of myriad voters and supporters.

Now, in May of 2013, Weiner has announced his plan to run for New York City mayor. The biggest questions on everyone’s minds are, “does he deserve a second chance?” “After two years can all just be forgiven?” Before the twitter extravaganza, Weiner was known as a hardworking, instinctive politician who passionately supported Democratic viewpoints. “Anybody who underestimates Anthony Weiner’s ambition is a fool. And anybody who underestimates his ability as a candidate is a fool” says retired Hunter College professor Kenneth Sherrill. Determined to make a comeback, Weiner has begun tirelessly campaigning around the city to win back the hearts of his former supporters. Regardless of his personal life, one must admit that he has already put together a legitimate game plan primarily intending to help out New York City’s middle class. His suggestions range from providing every public school student with a Kindle to expanding the city’s new law on paid sick leave to treating carriage horses more humanely.

It’s hard to determine how far Weiner will go in the mayoral election (it’s generally predicted that he’ll make it to at least the second round) and whether or not citizens will ever take him seriously. Although the New York Times recently published an article entitled “Weiner Hits Campaign Trail in Circuslike Outing,” students protested outside of his apartment building denouncing his proposal to easily suspend disruptive public school students, and in an NBC poll half of the people surveyed said they wouldn’t even consider him, there are an astonishing amount of people eager to have Weiner represent them once again. The same survey showed that more and more Democrats have a favorable impression of him, and many of his supporters claim that his political career and his personal life are mutually exclusive and should continue to stay that way.

In my opinion, I believe that one’s personal life and one’s political career are inevitably intertwined, and it’s ignorant to believe otherwise. I’m still unsure of whether or not I trust Anthony Weiner, and if I’d condone his election as New York City Mayor. His twitter scandal- and his decision to lie during the scandal- will always remain in the back of my mind. I’ll leave you with a quote from Weiner himself. He stated, “Look, I made some big mistakes. And I know I’ve let a lot of people down. But I’ve also learned some tough lessons. I’m running for mayor because I’ve been fighting for the middle class and those struggling to make it my entire life. And I hope I get a second chance to work for you.” Would you give Weiner a second chance?



12 responses to “Anthony Weiner Announces Bid for NYC Mayor: Too Soon?

  1. I still clearly remember the issues that took place in 2011.
    In my opinion, Anthony Weiner, should not be given a second chance and should most definitely not run for mayor. Actions that you make over your life are the ones that define you and build up your character, and it seems like his character is pretty messed up. First, to be able to take pictures of yourself and send them out to woman is a) not okay and b) disgusting, and for that reason alone, he should not be getting a second chance. Second, lying about the entire thing after he got caught already tells you that this guy is not one to be making decisions that will impact your everyday life (or the everyday life of the middle class). In reality, guys like Weiner don’t deserve second chances…

  2. I think that Weiner should be granted a second chance. Just because he slipped up once doesn’t make him a bad person. First, his situation was two years ago. That shouldn’t really be held against him right now. Second, he was said to be an amazing politician. The past isn’t as important in politics as the future. If he is willing to put the past behind him, i think we owe it to him to try and do the same. In conclusion, I believe that it is good for Weiner to get back into his comfort zone and keep the past in the past.

  3. I think that there is no reason that he doesn’t deserve a second chance. He made a big mistake that he has rightfully owned up to. He seems like he is a hardworking guy, democratic, and he seems to be into all the right things. The mistake he made had absolutely nothing to do with his work what so ever. I feel that Anthony Wiener is still a great politician who would make many great changes to this city. He has definitely learned his lesson, the very hard way and I don’t see it happening again.

  4. I completely think that Anythony Weiner should be given a second chance. people think that famous people such as sports players, musicians, actresses and politicians are these gods, they think there not exactly human like the rest of these people and therefore should never make a mistake. yes, they have some sort of power and influence over people because of there name but people make mistakes and his personal life should not at all interfere with his political life. though it was a stupid mistake, it was a mistake and should not be more then that and be a huge public issue. I’m sure he is embarrassed and ashamed enough that this is what he’s doing in his free time. i think he should be let of the hook by now.

  5. The actual question here is why not give Weiner a second chance? American politicians are critically scrutinized for their personal affairs and decisions outside of politics when in reality they should not be. However, it is understandable why attention is specifically drawn to our politicians: the people of our nation do not want disreputable men and women representing Americans. Indeed, Wiener now has a scandalous reputation which may cause him to appeal differently to his audience, but rational minded voters should actually vote according to his political ethics, proposals, and strategies. Although he has lost voters as a result of the publicity and attention of the 2011 photo scandal, people should not stop supporting him. It it important to keep in mind that Wiener made a personal mistake, not a political error. People have given up on Wiener, yet he has never failed Americans when it comes to politics. If anything, Wiener is now more determined to serve our nation then he has ever been by focusing on two of the main issues President Obama is tackling, the middle class and the environment. Moreover, I disagree with your statement of, “one’s personal life and one’s political career are inevitably intertwined”. From my perspective, although a person ultimately has one personality, I think people make different decisions and choices depending on what situation they are in. For example, as an individual, Wiener decisions are influenced by what will benefit him and his family as an individual, whereas, as a politician, Wiener has to take in count of making appropriate decisions which benefit the nation. Therefore, a person’s lifestyle is not at all intertwined with their career since they involve different choices. Because these choices are different, Wiener should not be disqualified from receiving another opportunity because he actually did not lie about a political event.

    • Annie M,
      Let me clarify. I do agree that one’s personal life and one’s political career are separate entities and that politicians make different decisions regarding each; however, their personal decisions DO demonstrate to the public what kind of people they are. For example, if Weiner had never acknowledged his 2011 scandal and pretended it didn’t exist (luckily he did!) he would have just looked stupid, because everyone already knew about it.

  6. I believe that Anthony Weiner does not deserve a second chance. I believe no one can really take him seriously after what he did. I have read the comments above and I disagree with people saying its okay and that it was just a mistake. But you can’t do stupid things like that when you want people to look up to as a mayor. And also, Weiner even denied that he did it and that his account had been hacked. I mean seriously this guy is a joke, him doing something like this is showing that he isn’t taking his job very seriously.

  7. My question is do the American people really care about cheating scandals at this day and age. Now people dont really care about the Clinton cheating scandal because in hindsight it was not the highlight of his presidency. Clinton did many good things while in office and in comparison to Bush he was a fantastic president. If Anthony Wiener can portray himself as a newly dedicated husband I believe many New Yorkers can forgive him. The twitter incident does not bother me as much as the fact that he lied to the public about sending those pictures. First he should gain back the publics trust and then his wife’s and then he could make a real mayoral candidate.

  8. I think he does deserve a second chance because he is only human, and everybody makes mistakes. Put yourself in his shoes, everybody has told a lie at one point in their life. Many Presidents have cheated on their wife during their terms of president. Weiner apologized for his mistakes, stayed out of the public eye for a couple of years, and now he is asking for a second chance. I think if he is the best candidate for mayor, then he should win, but if there is a better candidate, then he shouldn’t win. Whoever has the best ideas for the city should become mayor. If anything, Bloomberg should be allowed to have a fourth term.

  9. First of all, I will always find Weiner somewhat of a laughingstock due to this “scandal” because in all honesty, it was quite hilarious.
    However I do believe he is entitled to a second chance. He made a stupid mistake and it is being built up as a huge scandal far more than it needs to be. He sent out obscene photos that in all honesty were silly, he wasn’t even entirely nude!
    But America is making it seem like a second Watergate scandal and that’s honestly taking it too far. He was still a great politician and we just need to be patient and wait for him to regain his dignity in our eyes.
    As Owen stated, the Clinton scandal is not what we remember President Clinton for. We remember Clinton for the great things he did for our nation. And his scandal was even more serious as he had a full on affair with another woman while Weiner just sent some pretty messed up tweets. If we could trust Clinton, can’t we try to trust Weiner again as well?

  10. In my opinion, I think that Weiner deserves a second chance. What he did was disgusting, and his dishonesty made it worse, but it has been two years, and life goes on. It has been a suitable amount of time that he’s kept a low profile, and taken time to learn his lesson. The tabloids, paparazzi and humiliation have served well enough as a punishment to him. However, I do think that someone should keep an eye on his social networking to assure this doesn’t happen again. If Anthony Weiner is what the majority of New York thinks is best for this city at this point, then he should be able to have a decent political career as long as he proves himself worthy. He is only human, after all.

  11. I believe that Anthony Weiner’s political career does deserve a second chance. I know he’s having his work cut out for him while campaigning because he does have to portray himself as someone that has grown and moved on after his mistake, but I think that New Yorkers do support what he stands for. Although the fact that he lied was unacceptable it’s important to move on and not allow his past actions completely reflect on the work he’ll do now. I don’t think New Yorkers will forget what he did but they’ll realize that his plans as mayor are what they also support and that his plans are aiming to build a better New York for not only the rich but for the middle class. I think that he’ll be a good person to represent New Yorkers as long as he continues to shine light on his plans for a better New York.

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